The ULTIMATE Travel Diaper Bag


Moms, this ULTIMATE Travel Diaper Bag is a life-saver! Now, you can finally bring your little one outdoors with a peace of mind. You’ll be surprised how this compact, fashionable bag unfolds into a super spacious crib and diaper changing pad.

Unfolds Into A Portable Crib For Comfy Naps Anytime, Anywhere!

We all know how challenging it is to get babies to sleep in new locations. This bag unfolds into a spacious, cushioned crib that gives your baby a familiar and safe environment to sleep in.

Doubles Up As A Clean & Comfortable Diaper Pad For Easy Diaper Changes

Need to change your baby’s diapers outdoors? Simply unfold the bag and place your little one in the crib. The cushioned surface can be cleaned easily, providing a sanitary place for easy diaper changes.

Insulated Pocket Keeps Milk Bottles Warm

Babies hate cold milk! That’s why this bag even comes with spacious insulated pockets that easily fit 3 milk bottles, keeping them warm while you and your baby are on the move!

Waterproof Material To Keep Everything Inside Clean & Dry

The waterproof material on this bag ensures that all your baby’s essentials are kept clean and dry. Even when you’re under a light drizzle, you don’t have to worry about the bag unfolding into a wet, soggy crib.

The ULTIMATE Travel Diaper Bag provides you and your baby all the travel essentials you need in one stylish, compact bag. Get it today!

-Material: Polyester
-Capacity: 36-55L
-Weight: 880g