‘Prickly Pete’ The Dancing Cactus Toy


When ‘Prickly Pete’ The Dancing Cactus Toy shows off his dance moves, it’s sure to bring joy and laughter to the whole family! Comes with songs that the cactus dances to with a push of a button. Made with plush cotton, it’s also the perfect toy to keep babies entertained!

Brightens Up Any Mood With His Signature Dance Moves!


You’ve never seen a toy like this before! ‘Prickly Pete’ The Dancing Cactus Toy  shows off his signature wiggles with the push of a button, sure to entertain both babies and adults alike!

Comes With Cheerful Music That Your Little One Will Love

‘Prickly Pete’ The Dancing Cactus Toy also comes loaded with songs that he dances to - a musical feast for your little one to enjoy!

Soft, Baby-Friendly Cotton Makes This The Perfect Baby Gift

Made with high quality cotton, this toy is both plush and durable making it a great gift for any baby.

‘Prickly Pete’ The Dancing Cactus Toy will definitely bring hours of entertainment to both you and your little one - purchase it now!

-Material: PP cotton
-Function: Music/Voice
-Power Supply: 3*AA batteries (not included)