HoverBaby Anti-Slip Bath Support Cushion


 Splish-Splash Anti-Slip Support Cushion For Baby

This super soft bath support cushion will keep your baby safe and comfortable during bath time! The anti-slip cushion helps keep your baby’s head above water, making bath-time a breeze. The cushion is so comfy, your baby will finally love bathing.

Enjoy A Safe Splish-Splash During Baby’s Bath Time

Turn bath-time with the baby into a fun experience for your little one! This anti-slip cushion keeps your baby’s head above water, allowing your little one to play safely during bath-time.

Contoured To Provide A Nice, Snuggly Fit For Baby

This cushion also keeps your little one super comfy, as it’s designed to fit around the contours of your baby for a luxurious bath experience.

Dries Quickly

The base of the cushion is made with mesh, so water doesn’t get trapped within the cushion. No need to worry about a wet cushion when you need it!

Super Compact & Easy To Bring Around

Bath-time out of your home can still be safe and comfy for babies with this cushion! Simply fold the cushion, and use the straps to keep it super compact.

Make bath time a safe and enjoyable experience for both the baby and you! Purchase the Baby Bath Support today!

-Material: Spandex, Polyester
-Color: Pink, Blue
-Size : 56cm*40cm