Hands-Free Bottle Holder


Moms and dads, now you can feed your little one while keeping your hands free! This anti-slip bottle holder fits all milk bottles snugly so your little one can feed comfortably. Also fully rotatable for the ultimate convenience!

Keeps Your Hands Free For More Precious Moments With Baby

With your hands free, you can now create more precious moments with your little one. While feeding, you can now comfortably massage, caress or even read a book to your baby!

Anti-Slip Groove That Fits All Milk Bottles Securely

Don’t worry about the milk bottle slipping out during feeding! The bottle holder has a high quality groove that grips onto bottles tightly, preventing any nasty accidents.

Lightweight, Squishy Material So You And Baby Feel Comfortable

No hard knocks with this bottle holder! It’s lightweight and soft design keeps you and baby comfortable, and will not strain your back or shoulders either.

Hands-Free Bottle Holder will definitely make feeding time a more comfortable, convenient experience for both you and your baby! Get yours now!

-Material: Plastic
-Color: Yellow
-Size: 48x16x13cm
-Weight: 650g