Easy Shower Basin


 Anti-Splash Portable Shower Basin

The Easy Shower Basin is specially designed for pregnant women who want to have their hair washed safely and comfortably. With this portable shower basin, you can stay seated while your hubby or caregiver helps to wash your hair. Suitable for the elderly as well!

Keeps Pregnant Women Safe From Nasty Falls

If you’re pregnant, taking a shower can be a risky affair. Apart from slipping on the wet floor, it can be difficult to move and stretch too. With this shower basin, you can have your hair washed safely while you’re comfortably seated.

Anti-Splash Design Plus Detachable Drain Tube Keep Your Floors Dry

When unfolded, this shower basin has a raised edge to prevent water from spilling over onto the floor. You will also find a rubber drain tube which you can channel water directly into your sink. A completely mess-free shower!

Ergonomic And Lightweight

The portable shower basin rests easily around your shoulders for a comfortable experience. It’s also lightweight and foldable, so it can be quickly stored out of sight when not in use.

Also Suitable For The Elderly, Or Anyone With Mobility Problems

While this was designed for pregnant women, it’s also a perfect showering aid for anyone with mobility problems such as the elderly.

Experience the comfort of a salon hair wash in your very own home! Purchase the Easy Shower Basin today!

-Material: Plastic
-Size: 48 * 43 * 31 cm (L * W * H)
-Water Pipe: 60 * 3.5cm
-Weight: 1050g
Package Content:
-1 x Shampoo basin
-1 x Tube