Catch It! Bath Game


These adorable bath toys transform bath time into a fun & educational experience for your little one! Each set comes with 4 cute animal toys that spray a delightful stream of water, sure to keep your baby entertained. Also comes with an adorable fishing net to catch the toys with!

Watch Your Little One Giggle In Delight, With These Toys That Whistle & Spray!

These animal toys make cute whistling sounds, and also spray water when squeezed. A great way to keep your little one occupied during bath time!

‘Fish’ The Animals From The Tub, For A Fun & Educational Experience!

Each play set also comes with a net that your baby can catch the toys with. It’s a fun activity for your baby, but also helps develop hand-eye coordination.

Doubles Up As A Game Of Basketball During Bath Time

The net also comes with a suction pad that easily sticks firmly to any flat surface. Your baby can now have a splashing good game of basketball - simply toss the animal toys into the net!

Soft, Durable Material - No Hard Knocks In The Tub!

The toys are made from kid-friendly, soft plastic making it perfectly safe for your little one. No need to worry about your baby knocking into hard toys during bath time.

Transform bath time into a splashing good time for your little one, purchase the Catch It! Bath Game today!

-Material: Plastic
-Size: 300 x 155 x 65 mm
-Weight: 410g