Anti-Roll Breastfeeding Cushion Pillow & Support


Mommies, breastfeeding your little one can sometimes be a challenge right? This Anti-Roll Breastfeeding Cushion Pillow & Support helps prop your baby up close to your breast, so both you and your little one feel comfortable. The cushion also helps prevent your baby from rolling off, providing an extra layer of safety.

Makes Breastfeeding Easy For Both You & Baby

This nursing cushion serves as both a pillow and positioner for your little one, so breastfeeding becomes much easier. The cushion helps position your little one at just the right angle for a comfortable feeding experience.

Less Strain On Your Spine

Having to constantly cradle your little one can place pressure on your spine, leading to lower back pains. This cushion helps to alleviate much of that pressure!

Soft, Cotton Filling So Your Baby Feels Comfy & Snuggly

The cushion is filled with soft cotton that not only feel super comfy, but also helps make the cushion very breathable. Your baby won’t feel warm or stuffy lying on this cushion.

Easy To Wash

The outer layer of the cushion can also be removed and machine-washed, making it super convenient to clean.
Finally, breastfeeding can be a comfortable experience for both you and baby! Purchase the Anti-Roll Breastfeeding Cushion Pillow & Support today!
Package Content:
- Nursing pillow + baby pillow + guardrail + auxiliary shoulder strap