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March 08, 2019

As we type this, one of our co-founder of Toddler Inc is actually in her 3rd trimester! Squeals!

There's no better place or time for us to launch on this amazing project than having one of us going through her second pregnancy! 

Toddler Inc was created to provide a platform of both visual contents, and tangible products.

We set ourselves apart by conceptualizing designs from scratch, and designing them.

Every piece you see in our collection by Toddler Inc are curated with love and care by the team in Toddler Inc.

We know there's nothing more special than personalizing products to make it your very own!

And that's why our Specially Made collection allows you to add a touch of personalization into the different pieces; whether is it for yourself or your baby.

Apart from that, we aim to build a community for all you Moms out there! Providing an array of different contents on our social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and here - from hacks, to tips, to celebrating different milestones together with you! 

We're so excited to embark on this journey together with all you Moms! 

Here's a quote we'll like to leave for you...

Don't be too hard on yourself Mom! 


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