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Welcome Parents! 🤗

For this first blog post, we're touching on the 3 super-food that's nutritious - not to mention tasty - for your baby!  

Number One will be Bananas!

Why bananas you may wonder? Well, it’s rich in potassium and fiber! Also, it’s very gentle on your baby’s stomach!

Pro-tip: make sure it’s ripe and thoroughly mashed before feeding them to your child!

Next will be Avocados!

Haha, bet you thought avocados were just for millennial. But no!

Actually, they are amazing for your baby’s brain and physical development!

Pro-tip: to prevent browning, try freezing it!

Last but not least, Sweet Potatoes!

Packed with potassium, vitamin C and fiber, it aids in your baby’s digestion and bowel health.

Baking sweet potatoes is the best way to cook them, as it brings out the natural sweetness while retaining the most nutrients!

Pro-tip: for proper storage, keep them in a cool,dark,dry area!

Be sure to add those super-food in this week’s grocery list!

Of course, we know there are waaaaay more nutritious food for your baby so stay updated with us right here at Toddler Inc!                                    

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